Sunday 11th February 2018

Website and API Maintenance and Update, scheduled 2 years ago

On February 11th (2018-02-11) at 04:00 UTC we will be updating our website and API.

Maintenance is expected to take 2 hours. During this time the website and API will be unavailable. This means you won't be able to login to our game servers or access the website. Please note our game servers may reboot during this maintenance.

2018-02-11 04:00 UTC - Maintenance has started.
2018-02-11 05:16 UTC - Website back online. Looking at an issue with the client and API.
2018-02-11 05:59 UTC - Issue with API and client crash fixed. Now looking at issues with getting 'Invalid Session' when trying to join.
2018-02-11 06:13 UTC - Rebooting game servers. Everything should be coming back online now.
2018-02-11 06:19 UTC - Maintenance complete. However, we will continue to monitor everything for any issues.